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The Kitchen Garden has all the rooms you’d find in a large home, but with beautiful gardens and orchards in between.  You’re surrounded by fruit trees and vegetable plots within gorgeous Victorian walls and rustling poplars by the stream, bring a festival atmosphere to family holidays (staycations) and a beautiful backdrop for business events and away-days, weddings, parties, reunions, anniversaries, buirthdays, wakes,  or a simple relaxing getaway.

Talton Lodge Kitchen Garden

Choose to sleep in one of our two Mongolian yurts, the North American giant tipi, the Tree-Boat House or the Orchard Wagon, accommodating a total of up to 20 guests (although we recommend 18 guests for the most comfortable stay). Scroll through the gallery below to see the accommodation

We offer both catered and self-catered stays in the Kitchen Garden. Please see our ‘Food’ page for more details.  Our brand-new natural swimming pool is also now available for guest use - please enquire.

Availability and Pricing

What is available and when: The two giant leisure tipis are up from May to the middle of September, so in March, April, end of September and October, it is just 1 giant tipi, which can sit up to 35.  The sleeping North American tipi is available April through September. 

From November to February, we take down all canvas structures and the Orchard Wagon and Tree-Boat-House  become optional extra accommodation that you can add to Talton Lodge Barn bookings. 

Please contact us for more details about accommodation availability as we’re more than happy to provide information and can be flexible to suit you.

Standard pricing 

Please note the below prices reflect a two or three-night weekend stay. For mid-week pricing, please contact us directly.

TLKG std pricing table 2023.jpg

Bank Holiday/Oct half term/Easter/August pricing 

The below pricing reflects a stay for up to 4 nights.

TLKG 4 night pricing table 22 23.jpg
Biotop Natrual Swimming Pool.jpg

Biotop natural swimming pool
The pool and tennis court are available to all
staying guests. See pricing tables above

tennis court.jpg

Astroturf tennis court


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