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The environment is a pressing issue and we do take it seriously

Our Aim:

  • To provide a really enticing place for stay-cations, parties, events and work-dos in the centre of the country so people can cut down on road travel, air miles, waste and energy when taking a holiday, having a party or arranging gatherings or meetings.

What we do:

  • 3 sets of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity

  • LED lights, solar lights wherever possible

  • Solar hot water panels in the house

  • Grow and harvest our own wood sustainably for fires and woodburners

  • Lots of low impact accommodation that is easily removable when not in use or at the end of its useful life - (yurts, tipis, orchard wagon and tree-boathouse).

  • Planted 2000 trees in a new wood that now looks quite mature and is teeming with birds.

  • Created an apple orchard for making our own cider and which sustains a "little owl" and creates a good source of prey for nearby barn owls and tawny owls as well as green and spotted woodpeckers.

  • Work with Woodland trust and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to manage our land in a way that mitigates flooding, increases species habitat and promotes diversity of all flora and fauna, especially birds.

  • Bat boxes for the 7 species of bat in our area (including the rare lesser horseshoe bat)

  • Rear our own pigs outdoors with lots of space for consumption by our guests. They are fed on sustainably grown organic pig nuts which is better for the soil and do not need any preventative treatment with antibiotics

  • Grow our own fruit and vegetables

  • Source our food from smaller local suppliers like Kite's Nest Farm, Talton Mill and Drinkwater's Farm

  • The two honesty bars provide guests with local ales, lager and IPA on tap so there is less landfill (bottles, tins, plastic) and less transport involved in production and sales.

  • Employ local people who do not have to travel far to work

  • Use straw bale urinals and our own treatment plant for sewage

  • Collect rain water for watering.

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