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Our Story.

Back in 2007 Olivia Hatch (previously a chef in the French House Dining room, Soho) and Barney Hatch (previously in business development and marketing) set about turning their passion for food, fire and the natural environment into a business appealing to groups of friends or colleagues who wanted to share an experience, not just a holiday or weekend away. Talton Lodge was born in 2008. Four years later they broadened their appeal to include Talton House, for the not so hairbrained folk who like an equally unusual but more luxurious year round venue to escape to.

The Talton Lodge & House Team

A photo of the Talton House & Talton Lodge team on the lawn steps in front of Talton House

The Team


Many guests’ jaws drop when they enter the Bar at Talton House and see the photos of Christabel Carlisle racing round Brands Hatch in her 1960’s Mini Cooper and beating Steve McQueen, and then realise its Olivia’s mum Christabel Watson. Signed copies of her book telling the thrilling story of her racing career are available, just ask her. In daylight hours, you will find her somewhere in the gardens around Talton House nurturing flowers and trees she has been looking after for a very longtime. The gardens and glades alone are worth a trip.


If Andrew isn’t in the wine cellar, he’s thinking about the wine cellar, and what wine would be perfect with your meal. He’s also into researching our family history, so if you want to know any more about the House, or George or Gwen Farrar, ask him.


General mechanical fixer, strimmer, sorter and ground maintenance expert who knows Talton's every nook and cranny after 40+ years of experience in this place.

Cheryl grew up in a pub so is hospitable to the core. She loves a sparkly house and a natter.
Whizzes around seeing that everything is just right and dances in her spare time

Filiz is a grafter and a perfectionist hosuekeeper who speals Turkish French and English.  She has the most incredible holidays in Turkey. 


 She's really on it with energetic youngsters at home while housekeeping and waiting part time here

That border around the bottom lawn is amongst the many areas of the garden that gardener Jo magics into bloom at almost all times of year.


Jim used to be the landlord of the local pub the White Hart, now he'd rather be a groundsman and steers clear of the bar.  You might catch him cruising around on the sit-on mower.


Talton House from Lily Pond.jpg

About Talton House

There have been dwellings here since before the Middle Ages. At the time of the Domesday book,Talton belonged to the church; excavated skeletons and crosses suggest some sort of sacred place.  There are traces of a medieval building (in the larder), and a Tudor farmhouse (in the attic). The main body of the House was built in 1714, the same year the false acacia tree was planted on the lawn. This tree is on the register of ancient trees. The Hall and 1st floor of the Wing are Victorian, and it was at this time that the park landscaping was carried out (ie. Many of the lime and chestnuts planted, and the water in front of the House made ornamental). In the 1900s it was owned by a Quaker family who had a pin factory in Birmingham, and we have a nostalgic account from an employee who came to stay to recuperate from illness. In 2018 we had a guest to stay who had been born in the Christabel Carlisle room in 1945.

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