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Kitchen closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

We love to cook for guests.  Olivia has been a chef all her working life including at the French House Dining Room for Margot and Fergus Henderson and at The Greenhouse for Gary Rhodes.  Barney has become a master of cooking with wood; spit-roasts, anything in our wood-fired oven, and BBQs are his domain.  We have a wood-fired pizza /bread oven and a totally unique brick wood-fired spit roasting oven.  We follow Olivia's heroine Elizabeth David’s philosophy; ‘good cooking is trouble'.  Hence we take trouble to be local, seasonal, and to cook everything from scratch with love and soul, including; jam, chutneys, pickles, ham, sausages, ice creams, pastries, spice mixes, bread, cakes, biscuits.  We source our ingredients from....

  • Here at Talton Lodge; pork, fruit, herbs, salad

  • Kite's Nest farm; organic and grass-fed lamb and beef

  • Lower Clopton Farm shop; eggs, veg, chicken.  Also good to visit or order from for your stay when you are self catering:

  • Drinkwaters and Worcester Produce; vegetables

  • Chalk Stream Farm; trout from Hampshire

  • Suma for organic butter and flour), Mabel's Dairy for organic milk, Anthony Rowcliffe and Sons (organic cheese).

We can serve your meals where you're staying, whether in the barn, giant tipi, or at Talton House. 

table dessert

Heavenly Hogs:

Pigs are clever, funny, idiosyncratic, affectionate, and most importantly have infinite uses in the kitchen. We keep rare-breeds as they are suited to being reared outdoors. They are hardy, good mothers, and although slower growing, the end product bears no resemblance to the flabby insipid pork that has made its home on our supermarket shelves; it's delicious.
Our pigs spend their whole lives outside in the woods and fields foraging and rooting for tasty morsels. From this top quality pork we make sausages, bacon, ham and other porky treats, all of which you can sample during your stay. For groups of 10 or more people, we often slow roast pork shoulders for 12 hours or until the meat flakes off the bone, for groups of 60+ we can do a whole hog roast in our brick oven.

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