We love to cook for guests.  Olivia has been a chef all her working life including at the French House Dining Room for Margot and Fergus Henderson. Abigail is serious about food. She's an amazing baker and a trained nutritionist.  Barney is a master of cooking with wood.  Spit roasts, anything in our wood-fired oven, and BBQs are his domain.  We have a wood-fired pizza /bread oven and a totally unique brick wood-fired spit roasting oven.  We follow Olivia's heroine Elizabeth David’s philosophy; ‘good cooking is trouble'.  Hence we take trouble to be local, seasonal and to cook everything from scratch with love and soul, including; jam, chutneys, pickles, ham, sausages, yoghurt, cheese, ice creams, spice mixes, bread, cakes, biscuits.

Please click on the menus below to get a feel for what we do seasonally.  We source our fresh ingredients as locally as possible, much coming from here (pork, fruit, herbs, salad); Talton Farm shop (eggs and chickens); Kite's Nest farm (organic and grass-fed lamb and beef); Drinkwaters and Worcester Produce (vegetables); and trout from Hampshire.  We use the whole carcass, which is why I’m unspecific about cuts.   We slow cook beef and pork and if you are a large group lamb can be done both pink and slow cooked. 

One other thing we feel is important and relevant in particular for vegetarians and vegans is that we very much put our vegetable dishes centre stage and we serve 3 or 4 with each main.  March to October, you can choose from our list of vegetable dishes, or leave it up to us to choose what's seasonal.

We can serve your meals where you're staying, whether in the barn, giant tipi, or at Talton House. 


table dessert

We have composed our full menu with groups in mind.

FIRST: Decide on 1 or 2 options for each course (usually one meat and one vegetarian) for your group to choose between. If you are more than 20, you can choose 3 options.

SECOND: If you like, choose 3 or 4 side dishes to go with everyone’s main courses (included in the price) or simply let us choose something seasonal for you.

THIRD: 2 weeks before you come let us know the numbers for each option and sides.

Delicious tip for those staying at Talton Lodge: For your first meal choose pizzas from the wood oven. Once the oven has cooled a little, we can put in the meat to slow cook for your second meal the next day.We can cater for most dietary requirements, just ask. Most meals can be adapted to gluten free diets, most veggie meals can be adapted to vegan diets and our sides are great vegetarian dishes in themselves.

This is our current menu, it is of course subject to availability, we will substitute ingredients if there are more seasonal/fresher ones available:  

Starters 6.50/7.50 Main course £14.50/£16.50 Puddings £6.50


When it’s not quite a feast:

Wood-fired pizza nights with salad and a cake (just for those staying at Talton Lodge) and paella nights - £14.50 pp  10 people minimum. Both are served with a green salad.  Plus you get a cake for pudding (see below).


Our pork sausages or Pies (venison/beef/squash, pinenut, and spinach), mash, and greens: Non-veg £14.50, veg £12.50 (10 people minimum).

Pot meals: If you don’t want the formality of a sit down meal, but also don’t want to cook, we can offer meals in a pot, which you then heat up and serve in your own time. This is £10pp, and can be stew and mash, tagine and couscous, rice and curry, or kedgeree and salad. You wash up the plates, but we can pick up the pots the next day. (10 people minimum)

Cakes: If you would like to order a cake when you’re here (10 days notice), please choose from below. We do 10” ones, good for 15, for £15. Or tray bakes, good for 30 for £25. If you’re having pizzas, you will get one anyway, but its good to let us know your preference. These are all uniced, if you’d like a fancy occasion cake, contact Sue in Newbold village at:

Feast Nights: A cracking night out in south Warks, see our activites/events page for more details.  Our next one is on May 21st.





See our wedding/event menu for some more examples of our food.

The kitchen is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Talton Mill

We are 2 minutes walk away from Talton Mill café and butchery ( ).  If you are here on a Friday or Saturday, you can wander over for breakfast or lunch, best to warn them if you’re a large group.  Every 3rd Friday of the month they have a supper club – a great way to start your weekend.  You can also order meat packs and eggs from their butchery.

Heavenly Hogs:

Pigs are clever, funny, idiosyncratic, affectionate, and most importantly have infinite uses in the kitchen. We keep rare-breeds as they are suited to being reared outdoors. They are hardy, good mothers, and although slower growing, the end product bears no resemblance to the flabby insipid pork that has made its home on our supermarket shelves; it's delicious.
Our pigs spend their whole lives outside in the woods and fields foraging and rooting for tasty morsels. From this top quality pork we make sausages, ham and other porky treats, all of which you can sample during your stay. For groups of 10 or more people, we often slow roast pork shoulders for 12 hours or until the meat flakes off the bone, for groups of 60+ we can do a whole hog roast in our brick oven.


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