We love to cook for guests.  Olivia has been a chef all her working life including at the French House Dining Room for Margot and Fergus Henderson and at The Greenhouse for Gary Rhodes.  Barney has become a master of cooking with wood; spit-roasts, anything in our wood-fired oven, and BBQs are his domain.  We have a wood-fired pizza /bread oven and a totally unique brick wood-fired spit roasting oven.  We follow Olivia's heroine Elizabeth David’s philosophy; ‘good cooking is trouble'.  Hence we take trouble to be local, seasonal, and to cook everything from scratch with love and soul, including; jam, chutneys, pickles, ham, sausages, ice creams, pastries, spice mixes, bread, cakes, biscuits.  We source our ingredients from

  • here, Talton Lodge - pork, fruit, herbs, salad

  • Talton Mill, across the road - eggs and chickens

  • Kite's Nest farm - organic and grass-fed lamb and beef

  • Drinkwaters and Worcester Produce - vegetables

  • ChalkStream trout from Hampshire 

We can serve your meals where you're staying, whether in the barn, giant tipi, or at Talton House. 

table dessert
talton  menu, april to september:

Bread, olive oil, herbed butter, and whipped pork fat with sage: £3


£8.00 non-veg, veg £7.00, if your group is more than 15, you can choose 2 options.


Japanese pork broth with noodles, spring onions, greens, pickles, and a marinaded soft-boiled egg (can do a vegan version with seaweed broth and tofu)

Shredded duck with a Vietnamese pancake (can do a veggie and vegan version)

Talton Scotch egg with brown sauce (can do a veggie version)

Venison and chicken liver paté on brioche with red onion marmalade

Coronation chicken salad (can do a veggie or vegan version)

Bacon, cockles, and seaweed on toast


Asparagus (May and June) or Globe artichokes (July to September), with peas, a poached egg and salsa macha (a Mexican chilli, hazelnut, and anchovy sauce, can make this vegan)

Trout tartare with pickled beetroot and sorrel dressing on blinis.

Mussel salad with cucumber, dill and a mustard dressing

Fish kofta with spicy tomato sauce (vegan version with chickpea and courgette balls)

Panzanella (salad of tomatoes, bread, basil, cucumber, lettuce, grilled red peppers, olives, and white anchovies – omit for vegans)


Cauliflower and mustard fritters with green sauce (can be vegan)

Bruschetta with red pepper, crushed white bean, parsley and preserved lemon; and bruschetta with lemon and mint marinated courgette (vegan)

Salad of quail eggs, radish, celeriac, and lamb’s lettuce with salad cream



Main courses (Feasts Include sides)

Choose one kind of feast for your group, and we can adapt it to different dietary requirements and tastes. Often in restaurants, you need to add sides to your main course, but these feasts include all the accompaniments. Feel free to swap a side accompaniment or a veggie option from a different feast if you prefer.


  • Middle Eastern Feast.  Shawarma lamb £18. OR grilled haloumi and falafel £16.
    Each served with pitta bread; fattoush (Middle Eastern flavoured salad of radishes, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, parsley, and sumac); tabouleh (parsley salad with bulgar wheat, shallots, and lemon dressing); batata harra (spicy roast potatoes with garlic and coriander); muhammara (roasted walnuts and red peppers whizzed with lemon, garlic, and pomegranate molasses); houmous; and yoghurt, lemon, and tahini sauce.


  • Talton Lodge Feast.   Slow-cooked pork with fennel, apple and sage or spiced with black treacle £18. OR spinach and sweet potato fritters £16.
    Each served with kishari (spiced lentils and rice) with marinated carrots, roasted and pickled celeriac and sweet and sour red onions, and green beans and tomatoes.


  • Trout Feast.  Whole poached chalk stream trout (caught to order from the Itchen and Test rivers) with hollandaise £18.50. OR beetroot and shallot tatin £15.50.
    Each served with hot new potatoes and herbs, tomato, cucumber, and chive salad and a spring salad (peas, broad beans, spring onions in a lemon vinaigrette).


  • BBQ Feast. Pork ribs and chicken on the bone £17.50 OR cauliflower, celeriac, and mushroom kebabs £15.50; with fried potatoes; grilled peppers and courgettes; mixed salad; green sauce; chipotle mayo

  • Burger Feast. Venison burger £17.50 OR beetroot, black bean, and squash burger £15.50, in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, gherkins, fried potatoes, pickled beetroot slaw, and thousand island dressing.

  • Mexican Feast. £16.50 non-veg, £15 veg. Nachos, tacos or burritos, with pico de gallo, guacamole, roasted tomato salsa, black beans, red rice, and mexican salad.

  • Curry Feast.  2 different curries (1 meat, 1 veg) £16.50 non-veg, £15 veg.
    Served with daal, naan, rice, mango chutney, and raita.

  • Pie Feast.  Beef OR Chicken £15.50 OR Squash, spinach, and cheddar £14.00
    Served with mash, greens, and gravy.

  • Ham Feast.  Our own ham £15 OR leek and feta quiche £14.
    Served with new potato salad, coleslaw, green salad, bread, cheddar, chutney.


  • Paella*. Mussel, chorizo, and chicken £14 OR vegetarian £12

  • PIZZA*.  From our wood-fired oven in the Kitchen Garden £12-13.  We like to do these on a Friday night

*For the pizza and paella, you may want to add a green salad for £2 per person.






£7, if your group is more than 15, you can choose 2 options.



Lemon, bay, and olive oil torte with honey ice cream

Rhubarb and orange clafoutis with shortbread

Strawberry fool with lemon geranium macarons

Blackcurrant and frangipane Bostock (ie. On brioche)

Chocolate and pecan tart with honey ice cream

Espresso martini jelly with a small square of guey chocolate brownie and raspberries

Hazelnut meringue, summer fruit compote and chocolate sauce

(vegan puddings – lemon, bay, olive oil torte with lemon sorbet/choc brownie, coffee sorbet and raspberries/meringue, compote, hazelnuts, choc sauce)


All the prices above include laying the table, serving, clearing up all crockery, cutlery (not glasses), and washing up. 

If you are on a budget, we do offer the option of delivering the main course in serving bowls, leaving the rest to you, for this we would knock off 25% of the Feast price, and 10% off pizza and paella.  This isn’t an option when you have starters. For puddings , we can do the following: Lemon, bay, and olive oil torte/hazelnut, peach, and raspberry cake/chocolate and pecan tart/plum and almond tart, £42 per cake or tart (good for 12).





See our wedding/event menu for some more examples of our food.

The kitchen is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Talton Mill

We are 2 minutes walk away from Talton Mill café and butchery ( ).  If you are here on a Friday or Saturday, you can wander over for breakfast or lunch, best to warn them if you’re a large group.  Every 3rd Friday of the month they have a supper club – a great way to start your weekend.  You can also order meat packs and eggs from their butchery.

Heavenly Hogs:

Pigs are clever, funny, idiosyncratic, affectionate, and most importantly have infinite uses in the kitchen. We keep rare-breeds as they are suited to being reared outdoors. They are hardy, good mothers, and although slower growing, the end product bears no resemblance to the flabby insipid pork that has made its home on our supermarket shelves; it's delicious.
Our pigs spend their whole lives outside in the woods and fields foraging and rooting for tasty morsels. From this top quality pork we make sausages, ham and other porky treats, all of which you can sample during your stay. For groups of 10 or more people, we often slow roast pork shoulders for 12 hours or until the meat flakes off the bone, for groups of 60+ we can do a whole hog roast in our brick oven.