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Eco tourism at Talton Lodge

Here's a sample of stuff that people bought last year to improve their party.....

It's only what we found on the ground when clearing up at the end of the season - what's gone in the bin would probably fill a small truck...

Eco tourism is great but only if you act eco while you're there. If venues penalise wasteful, non-eco behaviour then they really risk reducing their appeal and become less viable. Nobody likes an eco-fascist.

My attitude to the environment had always been like the British attitude to religion; feel it strongly as you like, but please wear it lightly as nobody likes being preached at. But things have changed around here - we just can't help it. We've become more and more eco zealous out of shame for not previously having said to guests:

"before you plan your event, ask yourself whether your plastic willies (hen nights), straws, glitter, stars, balloons, cups, plates, water bottles, wet wipes will actually make your party, celebration or visit more enjoyable, then unburden yourself and leave it all behind."

In return, what we can do is; freeze or reduce our prices and charge electricity and other fuel costs as extras so there's an incentive to turn the lights off, use less hot water, turn the radiators down and put a jumper on. So guests will get their money's worth if they don't turn all the rads up to full blast where before the opposite was the case. Is that ok? Will you still book a party or event at Talton Lodge and Talton House? Please let us know.

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