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A festival wedding venue that looks gorgeous, except in winter when you're choosing.

Each year half of our venue is totally re-decorated four times. It's done totally sustainably by the seasons although it does require people selecting, then busting guts to remove the deemed weeds and keep things reasonably tidy. It's only in winter when the background solar heating goes off, the foliage drops, flowers disappear and vegetation dies back that half of the venue closes. So dramatic is the transformation between Winter and Spring that although everyone knows it'll happen, it is only the most experienced gardener who can accurately imagine spring and summer from a winter scene. Scroll down slowly and see how accurate your imagination is.... you need to insert tipi marquees into the foreground.


Winter 2019 view through absent tipis to kitchen shed and spit roasting house


Talton Lodge and Talton House have a dilemma because inevitably it is in winter that people start to plan a party, celebration or wedding reception and go and check out the venues on their short list. We feel fraudulent showing people pictures of spring and summer parties on our website only to present people a desolate, defoliated landscape. Like selling a shiny new green car in a magazine and having them come see it stripped back to the engine block and sanded back to monochrome on arrival. I've put summer photos next to winter ones here so you can see what I mean...


On the plus side it ought to mean that we get either super imaginative people, horticulturalists or very lovely trusting people.....and I have to say we do get just those kind of people... We could do with a few more of them though as we've still got a few big event or party slots to fill for 2020 and this year for that matter.... last minute offers are available May 17th-20th, 7-10th June 2019, September 6th-9th.

If you just want a weekend for a bunch of 20 friends we have slots at Talton House AKA The Manor Stratford-Upon-Avon Warwickshire in February and March this year at super discounted rates and Talton Lodge on the above weekends (that were allocated to big events) as well as and 26th-29th July, 23rd-27th August Bank Holiday and the 20th-23rd September. Get in touch directly via our website please or via (who don't charge commission). All the best BH.

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